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We Listen 2 U is a professional listening service. 

We Listen 2 U offers professional and active listening that can give people the emotional relief or stress break they need. When you need to talk, there is no substitution for a good listener. 

Our professional listening services can offer hope to people feeling burdened or misunderstood, relief to people who need to vent, and support to people who just need to to be heard.

Professional Listening and Active Therapy Sessions Offered!


This professional listening service is for people who might seek the help of a counselor, but don’t need a Ph.D. or licensed mental health professional (and don’t want to pay high hourly rates). These services are very beneficial to anyone having a hard time, going through a rough patch, or feeling sad, mad, or overwhelmed.

We Listen 2 U offers listening services over the phone, via Skype, or in person (near Chicago). Listening sessions can last 30 minutes or 50 minutes and are often available at short notice.



Also offered:  “Active Therapy“, which combines professional listening with light exercise – indoor or outdoor walking, or similar. 

(Currently, “Active Therapy” is available only in the Chicago metro area and for 50 minute sessions.)

Professional Listening

When you need to talk, there is no substitution for a good listener. We provide that good listener.


Phone & Skype

Our services are provided over the phone or via Skype. Convenient, easy, and ready when you are.


"Active Therapy"

Combine professional listening with light exercise, like walking. Relieve your mind and move your body.


You Need To Be Heard

Everyone needs to be heard, it’s a basic human need.

And to truly be heard, you need a professional listener – someone who will genuinely hear you out, someone who will listen without judgment or interrupting.

Give Yourself the Gift of Being Heard

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